Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Declaration Definition and Assignment

void *pointer;
pointer = malloc ( SIZE );
memcpy(pointer, source, SIZE);

short story about what happened so far.....

I was declared on June 23rd 1988. I was just a dangling pointer until I was defined. July 2005. My Career starts with B.Tech - Information Technology. I loved my college life. I didn't know i love programming and computers till i got into college.

Amrita School of Engineering defined me. I'm such a loser in academics (esp. mathematics.)!!! But I did well in programming subjects. Learned a lot out of prescribed and almost mastered C. I'm quite good in C++ and Java too. But out of all I enjoyed C the most.

I have this thirst for knowledge, and learnt as much as possible regrding computer basics/coding/algorithms/operating systems/little networking. I mean, I got my values assigned to all these things here.

Excitement, depression, success, failure, brilliance, stupidity, achievement, missing, saturation, emptiness, learning, unlearning, relief, pain, joy, sorrow - life has it all. I've learnt : Any of this can come to you anytime, accept them all - like a VOID POINTER - experiencing all of them makes you complete.!


  1. isnt this supposed to be a personal blog? looked ITish :) looking forward to ur next post..

  2. Hi da.. welcome 2 blogging.. very good first post..!!! Do post about tat 'c program' da.!!!