Sunday, August 16, 2009

Entangled In The Web - Revision

Devi Narayana Das is one of my very close friends. In his blog, he wrote a wonderful article called entangled in the web. In his article Das claims that computers and internet has actually crept into our system that we are dependent on them so badly.

This argument was familiar to me. I spend more than 75% of the day (when I’m awake and jobless) online, and I have had similar thoughts. But I didn’t really work on it to find out if it is right or wrong. When I read his article, I was surprised. So I’m not the only person to contemplate this!

I’ve quoted his article below. Do visit the original one:

After my college, life hasn’t been beautiful. Lots of time to kill but there is practically nothing to do or that is what I feel. I’m just aimlessly idling in bed or in front of the computer, signing-in to the virtual world. That’s it. The only good thing that has happened during these days is that I’ve started reading books. Thanks to my friend without whom I wouldn’t have started. He influenced me in a sense. ;)

Computer and internet play a major role in our lives these days. It has actually crept into our system that we are dependent on them so badly. Whenever I misplace something or finding something becomes difficult, I wonder if I had a or a Ctrl+F shortcut key… This shows how dependent I am on computers/internet. I’m addicted!

On one hand these social networking sites help us to keep in touch with our pals but on the other it has also enslaved us. Like all the other technologies, internet has its own advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately our human mind easily succumbs to the disadvantages. I don’t know whom to blame – the technology or my monkey mind!? I should find out a method to come out of this addiction. Is there any rehabilitation centre for these addictions?

Every night I say to myself, “Ok I should stop this. I’m not going online tomorrow”, but the first thing I do is that. I go online saying, “I’m just gonna check my mail. That’s it. Its gonna take few minutes.” Later I realise that it has been more than an hour, I’m not checking mails but I’m somewhere else, entangled in the web! May be I have a very weak will power.

Though being online, browsing and reading, downloading stuffs, chatting etc. have helped me a lot but it is taking away my sleep – sleeping at odd times. I’m missing all the fun in the outside world. I knew Obama was going to have a new pet even before he actually bought it but didn’t know that my neighbour died, I knew it only two days after! I also miss one or two odd cricket matches that I used to play with my friends. The casual talk with my family and friends. I used to do a lot in those days, not now! I miss them! :(

There should be a way out to stop this! But the question is, can I? Any remedies guys?

-A frustrated addict yelling for help.

Oh my god! This does really makes us think. Doesn’t it? But when I said, I had similar thoughts before, I didn’t think of this in his outlook. I had a different perspective. And here is my reply to his question.

Dude, I pity you. You’ve got nothing. Still u worry about it?

Computers and internets are one of the few things that the modern technology has gifted us. And you are ‘just another’ user of it. Everybody uses computers and internets, social networking and everybody feels “if I had a or a Ctrl+F shortcut key” for searching even physical stuff. I do not say its regular just because everyone does it.

But tell me what exactly what is your problem? New technologies are invented for the sole purpose of comforting man. If you think it makes u lazy you are wrong. It just makes you efficient. All that matters is your attitude and mainly interest. You didn’t know that your neighbor passed away for 2 days just because: only that much interest you have on your neighbor. Dude I’ve to confess: I don’t know much about what is happening even in my house!!! That’s just because I’m crazy about computers! You’ll naturally prefer what fascinates you more.

Your attitude is like the church’s attitude towards anesthetic when it was invented. Church said, men are meant to experience pain during surgery. What say? Do you agree? Imagine if you were in 1940s. For travelling you would’ve used only your legs. Then suddenly one guy invents motor bike. Will u say: “Motorbike makes me lazy. If I walk, I get a physical exercise. Motorbike gives only obesity. Motorbike SUCKS!!”? No. You’ll appreciate it for making your travel so much comfortable.

Internet does the same. It makes you keep in touch with your friends in a very resourceful way. Only if you do not use this, you will look like a loser who failed to keep in touch with his pals even though he had all the efficient technologies. You said you miss so many simple things in life. Dude, I don’t think you mean them really. If you really do, you would have gone for it – it’s an instinct.Try changing your attitude towards the technology. You are not doing anything wrong. You are not painfully addicted to anything. Never again say “Ok I should stop this. I’m not going online tomorrow”.

I hope I’ve given a different and a good perspective to your problem and helped you a little. Still if you think you are, as u said, a frustrated addict (OMG!!! What an expression!!!), do not worry. You are into all this only because you have way too much free time. Once you get yourself occupied (man!! You are going to Infy!! You won’t even get time to breathe), you’ll get over this!

Technology started evolving right from the early monkeys (pre humans) started thinking. And it will evolve forever. No one can overlook it. All one can (honestly, one “should”) do is to get adapted to it. Technology is by no means a pain in the butt. All we need is a Revision.

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