Saturday, August 15, 2009

GRE Preparation

After almost 2 months of worthless vacation, I’ve started my preparations for GRE! My PG plans were always M.Tech. But after getting ‘B’ grade for my final year project, I understood that my brains and works will keep getting middle fingers if I do my PG in India. There are a very few colleges that are fit for M.Tech. And to get into those will entail high UG marks and high GATE results. When I looked the curriculum of GATE, there was “ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS”! Oaky – I lost my hope.

Exactly similar thoughts were running in Babu Prasad’s mind. He also had only M.Tech plans, One day he called me and asked if I am ready to take up GRE preparation. OMG! Good. I was searching for a company. And now you are there.

After 2 weeks of planning, we both joined Manchester - Coimbatore to take up the course. The Mathematics part is so much easier than I thought. Mathematics usually freaks me out, but not anymore…

They say: GRE vocabulary is the toughest part. I’m giving it equal concentration. I’m studying 40 words per day. And in this rate, it’ll take 80 days to complete vocabulary.

So far so good - !
I’m planning to fix my GRE exam about February and aiming for minimum 1400 marks. I’ve got no ideas about the courses / colleges. First let me write the exam. Then I’ll think about everything later.

Seriosly, I've not done this much mathematics in my entire life!!! :( .. For the first time, i find it interesting. All the best to me :) :)


  1. hi dude.. i would say u've made the right choice.. except for one.. Start researching abt the universities, courses n fee structure.. May be Manchester academy where u've joined 'll take care of it.. still its good when u get clarifications directly from de university.. n not from someone else.. its also that u've have option of quoting 5 universities to which ur GRE scores must be sent.. This feature is inclusive of wat u pay for GRE exam - de $150...

    Anyways.. ATB..

  2. Just wanted to say, feb. 2010 will be too late for admission in fall 10 and do prepare well for TOEFl.
    "studying 40 words per day. And in this rate, it’ll take 80 days to complete vocabulary"

    what do u mean by that?? where is the end of vocab?? u finish synonyms start with antonyms, u finish both start tenses. u finish all 3 then u need to get some idea about analytical writing.

    Scoring 1400 and getting 3 in analytical writing wil narrow down ur university selection.

    Scoring 800 in quants is way easier than scoring 600 in english section.

    And jst a small request... NEVER join any courses for GRE prep.

    Best of luck.

  3. @ why shall I say that!!!
    Thanks friend.

    But I'm not going for this fall. I'll work for like 3 years and the I'll do MS. I know If i start working, I'll not get time for preparation etc. So I'm doing it now.!

    Guess for this FEB is enuf?

    > And jst a small request... NEVER join any courses for GRE prep.
    Thanks man :) But I went and it was so useful!

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