Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Monkey Business

For The past few months, I’ve been keeping Monkey pictures as my display picture in my social networking profiles. When I get bored by one monkey, I would search for another cool monkey and put it in my profile. This was the normal routine.

These monkey pictures will usually describe my mood. I put this monkey on the right one day when I got crazy and started learning “Introduction to Brahma sutra”

This one
was a normal smiling monkey. This was not up for a long time in my profile. The monkey looks “balled” I didn’t like this monkey for that. :D So I quickly changed my display picture.

This one was a n
ormal naughty chimp. This one was up for a long time. I liked this picture.

When I got B+ in my project, I was damn upset. I worked like NEVER before, and the result is just B+? This picture seemed to describe my mood. This dumb monkey bored my profile in a few days and I started searching for a new monkey picture. And the “hero” appeared.

This Monkey picture was so simple, so cool. First of all, this picture does not completely look like a monkey. This resembles a human face (because the monkey mouth is absent.) Actually this picture reminded me about my childhood hero - “The jungle book” character Mougly! This was my favorite monkey picture I ever had. Also in some Orkut communities, I play this game – “Best thing about the profile above you”. And most of the people who posted for me voted for the profile picture.

When I choose a display picture for my profile, I (actually most of us) usually choose that picture that best suits my mood. During the First week of October, I was searching for a monkey with a graduation hat or the black gown or something to do with the graduation, because, I was about to get graduated on October 7th. But I couldn’t find the perfect picture.

The picture in the left came up. But wasn’t cool enough to put in my profile
. I liked my monkey picture so much that I didn’t want to give it up.! And slowly my monkey started talking to me – “Raj, of course u hate to give up me. Also you know a little Photoshop. Why don’t you give me a graduation hat and let me continue to be your profile picture?” I said – “Monkey, You are a genius! It will be COOL and CREATIVE!” and I decided – “Cool! Hereafter the monkey with the theme is going to be my display picture”

I googled for a graduation hat and gave it to my monkey. Bravo! “The monkey got graduated!” This was my profile picture for a week before and after the graduation. I didn’t stop with this. I had my status as, “The monkey is going to get graduated” and “Yeah! The monkey got graduated!” And it goes like this,

[ Image - removed - by - owner ]
When TCS gave me the joining date, I was excited, and gave the monkey the TCS theme. This display picture was there for a week. I’m leaving this city for my job in a few days.

Coming back to the monkey business - The picture in the right side is presently my display picture. I’m excited and happy. So is my monkey! :D

You wouldn’t believe people’s reaction to these themed monkeys. Here are a few questions aked by my friends.!

Debanjan: I was amused when you call urself monkey :P

Praveen: why you call yourself monkey??? sorry to ask.. but i have seen you putting pics of a Monkey and now a status msg a monkey got graduated..:P

Dev: are you crazy abt monkey? :)

Life is to party: actually y u stuck wit tat monkey face?

Sai: So, why are you called monkey ?

Arun : but still oly i can understand d inner meanin of d pic.. (Which he doesn't )

Anand Arun : hey... wanted to ask u something -- whats the story behind this monkey stuff ??

:) !!! LOL ROFL ROLF ROFL LOL !!! :)

I had no idea as what to reply when they asked me such questions. :D I just came up with totally random answers. I was like - “Man is from monkey. Monkey is the super class. So Man can always be down casted to a monkey”, “Dude, Recently I was trying to make a decision. I was constantly jumping between the choices like monkey”, “I was totally amused by Vivekananda’s comparison of man’s mind with the monkey’s mind”, “and I always liked monkeys”, “Dude. Don’t call it monkey. It’s Lord Hanumaan in 21st century style.”, “When I was a kid I loved monkey cartoons.” and many crazy reasons :)

Honestly – I don’t know. I just liked the picture so much! It was sarcasm when I said – “The monkey got graduated”. It’s really dramatic when I quote what I think in the name of monkey (which is my personified brain).

Thanks to all the monkeys who were in my display picture. About the present monkey - The original monkey’s file name was, “walker_jamar_monkey_icon.jpg” and I’ve been searching for this monkey picture in the internet for the past few weeks and I couldn’t find it.

The monkey business will continue to run :)


  1. Nice subject to write, and simple narration.
    Its Cool! :)

  2. Thanks tiger.. now you come up with a story for all the tigers you had in your orkut profile :D :)