Friday, May 28, 2010

Late to Amrita

Its been a long time since i blogged. Not getting time.. Busy @ work.! But i couldn't stop myself from blogging this. This was a mail that i wrote to my friends a few days back.

That day, I woke up late and knew I was late to office. Suddenly i remembered all the days when i and my friends went late to our college. The thoughts were running like a movie in my mind all the time when i was traveling to my office. The first thing i did after reaching my cabin - I wrote the mail to my friends : Santhosh, Babu, Karthick, Vijay and Vishwa,

The wonderful day will start when you wake up at 8'oclock and realize that you'll be late to college today. You some how manage to get ready and catch a 96 bus at 8.30. Travelling in a crowded bus till Ettimadai is really tiring!

You reach Ettimadai. 30 ruppees is too much to spend for an auto! so we wait for someone to give lift or wish someone will appear to share the auto ride. Its a prestige issue to share a ride with a girl or to take lift from juniors. So you miss half the chance that you get and get more late to college.

You reach the college some how. You rush in while searching for the ID card in the bag. Sometimes you forget it. But to cross the security gate without ID card was bigger than surviving the day inside the college. Then you run from the main block to the IT block. You can hear the prayers. You'll listen them carefully trying to figure out how much time you have before the prayer gets over. But alas, when you are somewhere near Aashram you hear two voices (one from IT block and one from Main block). To add to your unluckiness, the prayers from IT block ends faster. You start walking slower.

You take out your mobile and SMS your friend who is sitting up there in ITB class. "Machi.. ippo enna class ?".. When you get to know some DUMB teacher is taking the class, you dare to enter the class late. But if it was some strict teacher, you'll plan to go to the canteen instead, worrying about the attendance lack problem.! To your surprise, you'll see one more friend sitting in the canteen with a very similar story for coming late. Happy. As days went, we learnt that our HOD spends the first hour in canteen with other HODs. So we avoided canteen as the "late comers lounge". We go to Library instead (The only times we get into library).
You'll message your friend "Machi.. class mudinja sollu".

After the bell rings, you rush out of library (cursing the friend who forgot to inform you about the class getting over). You run so fast up the stairs to the class, making sure you reach the class before the next hour's teacher comes. But sometimes it happens that you reach the class even before the first hour teacher hasn't left. You stand in the door. Teacher looking at you. you looking at the teacher. Friends giggling at your embarrassment. The silence will be broken by the teacher, "En lateu ?? Poi late pass vaangeetu vaanga."

You walk to the office room to get late pass. Some of us will have the older late pass and try to escape with that. Some of us go to the toilet, wait till the teacher leaves and rush back to the class. Some of us just show an EMPTY SCRAP and claim it as our latepass. Finally after one hour , you settle down in the class and start explaining friends why you came late.

Today I was late to the office. None cared! Nothing happened.!

I miss college. I miss u guys!
The thread went upto a series of about 70 mails,.. maathi maathi feelings a potukittom!

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  1. nice blog... hahahaha reminded me of all the fun when our Accounts mam was the first hour teacher.....