Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Forces Of The Fourth Dimension

Let us consider the universe as a three dimensional space. Every body can move in all the three dimensions.  Of course, nothing moves voluntarily. There’s a reason for a body to move in this space. The Newton’s first law!

Newton’s Law 1: Every body persists in its state of being at rest or of moving uniformly straight forward, except insofar as it is compelled to change its state by force impressed

It looks so simple huh? But for scientists it did not.  What happens if I drop a ball? Why does it come back to earth? What force did act on the ball to make it move towards earth? The answer was Gravity!  Gravitation, or gravity, is a natural phenomenon by which physical bodies attract with a force proportional to their mass. The earth’s larger mass, attracted the ball’s lesser mass and makes it come back to earth.

So far so good.

Now, let’s start considering the fourth dimension:  The Time.  The universe is constantly moving in the time dimension.  Now, doesn’t this ring any bells? How can this universe move in its fourth dimension without being applied some kind of force in the time dimension?

To answer this question, we must make ourselves aware of the fourth dimension. The time dimension is hard to perceive.  Absolute time (for that matter, even absolute space) cannot be experienced. Today is Aug 21, 2011 because, some day someone said, “Okay folks! Let’s call this day ‘The Day 1’ ”. (Day 1 is usually considered as the precise moment when the Big Bang took place) And we think time began since then. But what happened before that “Day 1”? Did time not exist? Of course it did. Time dimension is infinite (just like space)!

Every body in the universe moves in all 4 dimensions. The immediate question that you would ask me is: “How fast are we moving in the time dimension?” Let me ask you something first. Imagine that you are in a train. Now you are asked to run inside the train with a uniform speed of 100 meters per minute. Now in 2 minutes, you would’ve covered 200 meters right? Now imagine, if the train was moving in a uniform speed of 80 KM/hour (in the same direction that you were running). Now in 2 minutes, you think you ran 200 meters, but for the guy who’s standing outside the train, you did not just displace yourself 200 meters. The train’s displacement also counts for him [I’m too lazy to actually do the math. But you get the point right?]

To know how fast we are moving in time, we should get out of the universe, stay in absolute time and measure how fast we are moving in time. May be we are not moving (in time dimension) one second in one second. May be we are moving centuries (relative) in one second (absolute). This is the basic funda behind time travel.

Now coming back to the original topic; be it relative or absolute time, we are constantly moving in time. If Newtons law is applicable in this dimension too, then I believe that some kind of force acted upon the universe at time 0 or something, that’s making us move in the time dimension. This thought gives us a new perspective of viewing the time dimension. Like kinetic energy, potential energy etc. of the spatial dimensions, are there any energies in the time dimension? Are there any forces in time dimension? How can one apply any force (if possible) to an object in time dimension? I do not know the answers yet.!

But assuming Newton’s law is applicable in all the dimensions, I believe the universe was given a heavy blow of force in the time dimension at some point in time and that’s what is making us move in the time dimension. Now here’s another question. Did the universe experience an one time blow of force in the time dimension or is experiencing a continuous force, something like the gravity, in the time dimension. If it was continuous force, we’ll not be moving uniformly. [The ball accelerates itself when it drops closer to the ground because of the continuous gravitational force being acted upon it]. But as we move in time, the time’s not getting any faster or slower. In a million years, one second was always one second.  Or………. Is it just what we think? J To compare this with the train example, the guy inside the train ALWAYS thinks, that he’s running in a speed of 100 meters per minute, irrespective of the speed of train. What if the train is not moving in a uniform speed? What if it is accelerating or decelerating?

So probably the universe isn’t moving uniformly in time. We need to be in the absolute time to verify this. But if such is the case, then there’s a force called “Time-gravitational force” which is acting upon the universe. But how do we verify this? How do we measure it? What are the basic laws of the universe in the time dimension?

I’m being either innovative or missing something really fundamental. Ideas are welcome!

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